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Question:If Kooga and his tribe are wolf demons, why don't they have a true demon form?


  • The form you see them in IS their TRUE form. Not all Hanyous have some kind of hideous animal form , you know. Like Shippo for example--he doesn't have full fax form. (no that balloon he turns into is NOT is true form)
    Posted by Bulla on Wednesday January 21 ,2004
  • They do. They're in it. Not all demons are fangy and drooly and secreting mystery fluids from oddly colored skin.
    Posted by Diamond on Wednesday January 21 ,2004
  • They do have true forms, as wolves. I don't know if you guys remember the episode titled The Night of the Rainbow? Something like that, when Kouga's fiance comes looking for him? Well, she was speaking with her grandfather, who is in the form of a white wolf. I guess Kouga and the others just choose to be in human form, in some ways, I would find it rather convenient. It's like asking why Sesshoumaru doesn't run around in his true form...eventhough, the answer is quite obvious. I think there's also another reason, when they are in their true form, they are in their ultimate and most powerful level. I think being in their human form saves up on battery power.
    Posted by jarjayes on Saturday February 21 ,2004

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