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Question:I hear people getting mad because they dont like the cartoon net work version of inuyasha what's the differents between the cartoon net work version and the japanese version.


    Posted by SPITFIRE01 on Wednesday January 21 ,2004
  • dub vs sub KOUGAS VOIE IS COMPLETELY HORRIBLE the dubs shippou, kagome cant act if their entire lives depended on it the casting for sango and kohaku is completely stupid in teh dub. kohaku sounds OLDER than his OLDER sister. richard cox (coxsucker i call him for short ^_~) cant do romance and has no variety in his voice the only GOOD acting in the dub is from sesshoumaru and naraku the dub changes ALL the lines and makes them worse, they also add stupid cliches the dubs kaede sounds and talks like she is from enlgand when she is not supposed to (YE? YE? WHY THE F*CK WOULD THEY HAVE HER TALK LIKE THAT) and also what is annoying is how they misspell and misspronouce EVERYTHING. its naraku and not naRAku, its KAgome not kaGOme, its tessaiga not tetsusaiga, its kouga no koga (its said kooga no kohga), its sesshoumaru not sesshomaru. AAAAACK. i could go on forever. I ABHOR HOW VIZ HAS BUTCHERED THIS ANIME, YOU GUYS ARE MISSING OUT ON THIS ANIME IS SUPPOSED TO BE. why couldnt a GOOD company like pioneer dub this?!!?!?! they did such a terrific job with trigun. DAMMIT. they completely butchered eps 1-38 and several in between eps 40-52. in ep 21 when inu threw the tree..... japanese- EAT THIS dub- YOU COULD USE SOME MORE FIBER WHAT KIND OF STUPID CRAP IS THAT. I can compare every single line. ep 38 inu immitating kagome english version- (no acting ability and using his regular voice-) i am going home STUPID japanese version- (excellent acting ability and using a very high pitched girlier tone) i am going hom STUPID oh and by changing all the STUPID lines htey change the meanings as well. cant you see i prefer the subbed version by a landslide? the sub every character plays their parts magnificently they all can act and truly make you feel for the character they portray the lines are better their voices flow with each other the moments are also funnier and sweeter because the can act
    Posted by gamergirl on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • i really hate that when you post answers that they DONT put the original spaces in -_- inuyashaworld really needs to fix that. i had several paragraphs and several spaces, stupid thing -_- DARE TO COMPARE. you should download the subs from kazaa, anime kraze, fangirlfriday, and saiyaman. that way you will see FIRST HAND why the dub is so freakin horrible. it might take awhile to get used to, but you will fall in love with the japanese version. you DONT need to know ANY japanese to watch and understand it. that is what the subtitles are for *rolls eyes*. some of my fave eps are, ep 117, ep 82, ep 58, ep 132, ep 128, ep 119, ep 98, ep 89 ^_^ check them out. ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • Spitfire-First of all, calm the F_ck down. Prounouncing things wrong: Uh it's called...having an accent. They're Canadian's not Japanese!So in some cases it can't be helped, Sheesh. Although, granted if their directors paid more attention this could be easily corrected. I got the privilage of watching the show in Japanese and I could say KAgome. So could they. And yes no thanks to them people are saying "Kilala" instead of Kirara. Which is dumb, I'm american and I can pronounce Kirara. But fault on their director's part I can completely understand your frustration over Kaeda. I thought the very same thing, and that's before I listened to it in Jap. About improvization. Although some of the improv is lame, the writer's need to come up with things so that the voice matches the mouth. You can't always translate things precisely because then the character's mouth could still be moving or paused a long time ago. Although I don't know why they over edit things when the character's backs are turned. I have switched back and forth between the sub/eng and thought "That wasn't nesisary" but oh well. Second- The voices in Japan can't act worth aeither. I like everyone except Inuyasha. Well Actually Mr. Yamaguchi does a fantastic job, till he gets excited it's like nails on a chalk board to me. But you know what? I'm from another culture so to me all Japanese sound high pitched. Just like German's sound angry. It's a language thing. And maybe the "Ocean group" *Viz's people* don't sound good to you, well at least they know how to Pant,grunt, and gasp etc. It always seemed to me, and this could be a cultural difference, it sounds like where the japanese voices go wrong, they can't make sound effects. It's over exaggerated.
    Posted by A.M on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • This is the way I see it. I'm American, and if I'm going to be watching a t.v show in my country, I'd want it to at least talk like how I talk. And anyway, and this is just how I feel, I really hate subtitled entertainment so, big ups to the english dub, it's saving me long night's of grief from trying to read an episode. I saw the Japanese version, lets just say I got tired of missing stuff because I was to busy reading the subtitles. Love the voice actors they're doing their thing, and getting paid to do it! HEHE ^__^
    Posted by demoness on Wednesday February 11 ,2004
  • Well, it's not really ALL THAT different! I can say, maybe the voices, but I don't have much complaint on that, either. I think InuYasha's English dubb is not bad, it's annoying just like the Japanese. Sesshoumaru's the only voice I trully like in English. I think, i do have to complain a bit about Kouga's and shippou's. Shippou's voice is still cute but not as cute as the origianl. I've also noticed some minor changes in dialogue. Like it's been said before, there are some things that cannot be directly translated from the when Kagome refers to Kouga as Kouga-kun...there is not a way to really translate "kun". I like both versions despite of some of the crap-ups but sometimes, it really beats reading subtitles that go too fast and hurt your eyes after hours of viewing. When I'm not reading subtitles, I start noticing the details I missed when I was reading them. I watch the Japanese version first, then, I watch the dubbed version. I don't think it's crappy, eventhough, there are some jokes, although funny enough to make me fall out of my chair, that are out of place for the 1500's.
    Posted by jarjayes on Saturday February 21 ,2004

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