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Question:will inuyasha and kagome ever tell they're secret about eachother?


  • Yes.In episode #50 (I think)Kagome tells InuYasha she is deeply in love with him,and even if he chooses Kikyo over her,she will always be by his side.
    Posted by Hiromi M. on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • Yes,in episode 48# she says that she is in love with him,and will stay with him no matter what.
    Posted by Kagome22 on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • acctually, she never says to him that she is in love with him, but does realize it herself, ^_^ but she does say all the stuff about staying with him no matter what. It's really sweet but really sad..... of course in ep. 137 Inu-Yasha finally tells Kagome he loves her, so who cares! ^_^
    Posted by CyberYoukai on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • kagome tells in in ep. 48, and inu tells kagome in the second movied
    Posted by on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • she never really says "i love you , Inuyasha" but in the show #48 she says these words KAGOME- "me and Kikyo do have something in commin, we both have a desire to be with you, Inuyasha. I will never be able to brack the bond with you and kikyo and i am ok with you as long as you are happy i will be by your side,Inuyasha" Inuyasha- kagome i i i (studdering) KAGOME- its ok Inuyasha. and the kagome stands up walks over to inuyasha and they walk off together into the sun set. OH YEA and when they are walking off kagome holds inuyasha hand and inuyasha holds hers.!!!!! i should no i have seen the show 10 times i have it on tape and dvd!!! i am a true fan because i am Kagome!!!
    Posted by kagome on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • What secret!?!?! If you mean that they love each other then Inuyasha has never said that he loves Kagome, but we know he does. Kagome had a dmitted to herself that she loves Inuyasha a few times. BUT don't belive anyone who says that Inuyasha tells Kagome he loves her. THEY ARE LYING!! Can you really picture that any way "Kagome I love you!" Inuyasha They need to get into a relationship more anyway!!
    Posted by on Friday February 27 ,2004

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