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Question:will inuyasha ever meet kagome's friends?


  • he does ^_^ in ep 128 he does in kagomes school during a festival. read my summary on ep 128 for more details. oh and also in chapter 332 (i think) of the manga. ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Friday January 23 ,2004
  • I have seen pictures of inuyasha going to school with kagome wearing a hat to cover up his ears.
    Posted by alex on Friday January 23 ,2004
  • he does meet them and her friends were jealous for some reason.
    Posted by _sesshoumaru_fan_forever_ on Saturday January 24 ,2004
  • InuYasha does in episode 128.The dried Youkai and the fighting School Festival.This is one of the funny episodes.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Tuesday February 03 ,2004
  • vep in ep.128~_~
    Posted by Princess Sara on Saturday February 14 ,2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Friday March 05 ,2004
  • I read an online translation of the manga... this is reaaaaly late in the series. At this point, Kagome has the final shard, and Naraku has all the rest of the jewel. Anyways, Kagome gets a new bike. Inuyasha comes and breaks by accident. Kagome gets mad and goes to school. Her friends ask her again about her boyfriend. Kagome reveals he is at her house. After school, they go over to meet him, though Kagome is trying to make an excuse for them not to. (the dog ears and all) They meet. Kagome's friends are impressed, assume Inuyasha's clothing is a work uniform, and that he works at the shrine. They notice his eyes, and ask, is he half? Inuyasha is taken aback, but they only mean, half japanese-half foreign! Kagome says yeah... sorta... Kagome's friends are impressed, they get impression totally different of what Kagome told them of an unfeeling, two-timing, vicious person.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 07 ,2004

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