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Question:Ok, I should reprahse my question from before. Where can I find episodes 127 and up....without using ebay or Kazaa?


  • you can find the second movie at anime kraze as well. ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Saturday January 24 ,2004
  • oop, its,
    Posted by gamergirl on Saturday January 24 ,2004
  • Well I know a site that has episodes below that...with "NO" downloading at all. ^-^ and it might be comming with more episodes. The site is called and even though the dvd disc sets are in jap. it's fairly good and at a good price for the ammount of episodes you get.
    Posted by Doggy_ On_Wheels on Monday January 26 ,2004
  • well u could go to
    Posted by soungablade on Tuesday January 27 ,2004

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