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Question:In the episode when inuyasha and kagome tell eachother there true feelings,from that ep on are they together or not?and do you know when they will air new episodes of inuyasha on adult swim?


  • It really depends on what you mean? InuYasha and Kagome are still together looking for the jewel shard/shards, along with wanting to kill Naraku. No matter how much they might have feelings for one another, they will still fight and argue. That is what makes them so interesting. THE NEW EPISODES ARE COMING OUT IN THE SPRING. LATE APRIL along with InuYasha The 1st Movie In AUGUST. I already have them in Japanese of course, and will also get them in english..
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Wednesday February 04 ,2004
  • What are you talking about they never tell each other they love each other or anything, maybe that they wanna be with each other but that's not really telling true feelings okay!! New eps coming April 24th 11:30pm back to back of the same ep and then after that I hear we are getting 52 new eps
    Posted by Inuyashasgirl on Friday February 27 ,2004

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