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Question:Does Inuyasha Ever use the Sacred Jewel to become a full bemon or a full human


  • Since no one else has answered this.... Inuyasha was planning on turning into a full human when he was with kikyo at least thats what he kinda wanted when Kikyo said she could make him full human with the shard, then naraku tricks kikyo into thinking that inuyasha wants the jewel to become full demon. Through the series Inuyasha says he's getting the jewel to become a full demon, but he soo makes it so he can't turn into a demon when he's out of reach or breaks tetseiga (however you spell it) so why would he use the shard to become full demon when hes already stopped himself from transforming one way It may not be the best answer but no one else answered it!!
    Posted by Inuyashasgirl on Friday February 27 ,2004

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