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Question:when can you buy volume 16 in english???please help!!!


  • at for only:$8.95+tax
    Posted by Hana on Tuesday February 03 ,2004
  • Yes you can. You need to PREORDER it. #16-Heart Of The Beast. Along with #17- Shattered Memories. at: That is where I order/preorder mine.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Wednesday February 04 ,2004
  • IN APRIL OF 2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Friday March 05 ,2004
  • If you go to you will see a list of upcoming Inuyasha dvd's and their release dates. It has dvd information on any and every anime release in the us.
    Posted by niastyle on Monday March 22 ,2004

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