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Question:What will Inuyasha and Kagome children look like?


  • A friend told me that all three of their children will have black hair and two will have those dog ears, and the other one normal ears, but i don't know if they are half demon, or if they are boy or girl,or anything like that, though.
    Posted by not telling on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • Um I never even knew that they were going to have children.*stare at the poster of this question*Are you making this up?
    Posted by Bjeveryday on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • Actually, IF they ever decided to have children and get married etc. technically, Inuyasha is a Half-demon and Kagome is human, all their children should be a quarter demon. And since the series has not ended we'll just have to wait and see.
    Posted by Ayumiae on Wednesday February 11 ,2004
  • im pretty sure no one knows that...for now..*shifty eyes* but if thinking biologically the children would only be 1/4 demon so chances are they wouldnt have as many demon like attributes(physical or other) . but untill we see the magical moment (i think we have to wait and see is IY chooses kikyo or kagome first befor we determin if they have kids. and if IY dosent choosekagome i will seriously hurt someone over there in japan.) anyways its best to use your own imagination. i know it takes all the fun out of it, drawing a chibi version of IY/kags but we also gottaremember logic and likley hood of the childs apearence....*getspelted with books on how to have a sence of fansty*...mabey i should brush up on these books though...^_^;' ~Aila
    Posted by Aila on Thursday February 12 ,2004
  • they dont got kids yet
    Posted by yukailover on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • Since Inu is cute & so is Kagome, I think their children would turn out quite cute....but with kitty ears!
    Posted by JackieG on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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