Inuyasha FAQ

Question:Will Inuyasha stop bully Shippo in the future?


  • I think he'll stop...never
    Posted by not telling on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • chaw right like inuyasha will ever give up his punching bag its the only thing that keeps inuyasha intertened
    Posted by inuyasha"s #1 fans on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • no he hates shippo because shippo is sometimes mean to him.
    Posted by Inuyasha on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Probably not!You know Inuyasha he's hot and aggressive and he's even hotter when he's bonking ANYONE on the head!
    Posted by Bjeveryday on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • Oh course not it's too much fun.
    Posted by inuyasha35 on Friday December 26 ,2003

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