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Question:is inuyasha and sesshomoru half brothers or just brothers?cause my friend said they were half brothers


  • They would be half brothers. Same Father but different mothers. To me there still brothers.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Wednesday February 11 ,2004
  • technically they are half brothers. they shared the same father(who was a demon) but where sesshomaru's mother was demon, inuyasha's was human.
    Posted by Wingweaver on Sunday February 15 ,2004
  • They are half-brothers. why? cuz if sesshomaru had the same mother as inuyasha he to would be a half breed. So no matter wat anyone thinks he and sesshomaru are half-brothers. plain and simple.
    Posted by kikyothedeadmiko on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • They are both half brothers. They had the same father but Inu Yasha's mother is mortal and Sesshomoru's mother is another demon.
    Posted by Hellbunny on Saturday March 20 ,2004

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