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Question:Will Miroku wear any different clothes


  • i havent ever seen him in different clothes
    Posted by kouga on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • no no one in cartoons ever cange their clothes
    Posted by inuyasha"s #1 fans on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • I think only Sango and Kagome wear different clothes.
    Posted by kouga on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
    Posted by Bulla on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • yes,once he go to sleep i episode 28:miroku falls into a dangerous trap,and epi 65:goobye the days of the young
    Posted by moon on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • I don't think so.
    Posted by Bjeveryday on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • In episode 28 he wears something white.
    Posted by lammora on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • Once he wears that white robe,but no nothing other than that.
    Posted by kagome22 on Tuesday December 30 ,2003
  • he has worn different clothes in the episode where his life is endanger and inu yasha kills 100 demons with the tetsiga for the first time.
    Posted by Skyler on Friday January 09 ,2004
  • he is a monk, and if you notice in that episode whare kikyou::coughpsychocough:: is reveled to be still alive, those other monks wore similar clothing. sept diffrent colord. so he isent likely to ever ware anything else while he is a monk, and i cant think of a reason he would stop being a monk. did that make sence?
    Posted by SciFi on Wednesday February 04 ,2004
  • No thats not true. In a couple episodes, Kagoma and Sagno changes there clothes. Expet Inuyasha and Miroku.
    Posted by slither20032001 on Friday February 20 ,2004
  • people think that miroku was in kagomes time wearing different clothes, well that is completely impossible but i know what you are referring to. in ep 62 kagome had a long DREAM and all the people she knew from the feudal era were in her time in modern clothes in her DREAM. thats one of the few times you will see different clothes on him.
    Posted by gamergirl on Saturday February 21 ,2004

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