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Question:Why was Seshomaru so jealos of Inuyasha?Eaven befor the sword thing!Ther dad spent more time with Seshomaru then he did with Inuyasha.


  • he is angry at inu because he thinks inu yasha is so pathetic. 1- in eps 75-77 we find out that there was a big cat vs dog war. sesshoumaru needed his assistance but that was during the time in u was pinned to a tree by a HUMAN that he LOVED. that is like the ultimate pitiful in his book. 2- he is ashamed that inu yasha cant fight as well as he can, throughout all the eps you will see sesshoumaru teaching inu some moves. it was SESSHOUMARU who taught inu yasha to see the wind scar, which led him to master the wound of wind. sesshoumaru always gives inu yasha pointers to help improve his skills, but inu gets angry instead of learning it. those are the main reasons ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Thursday February 12 ,2004

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