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Question:Was Seshomaru looking for Inuyasha when he was pinned to the tree?


  • yes he was, there was a big cat vs dog war and sesshoumaru wanted his assistance. part of the reason why he htikn inu is pitiful is do to the reason that inu was pinned to a tree by a human that he loved during the time sesshoumaru needed him. for more details, read my summaries on eps 75-77 ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Thursday February 12 ,2004
  • It was not Sess., it was Jaken.Ep.76 tells you:The 2nd time they were fighting the cats, Jaken runs up to Sess. and says," I went to call for inu's. help, even though he's a half demon, he's still a son of your father. Inu. was sealed to a tree by a human priestess who he fell in love with." IF SESS. SENT FOR INU. WOULD JAKEN SAY THIS. I dont think so.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Saturday February 14 ,2004

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