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Question:I'll bet NO ONE knows this but................does anyone know what Onigumo looks like WITHOUT those bandages on???


  • Yeah he looks a little like Kouga, but without the ponytail. I was taking one of those "what Inuyasha villian sidekick would you be" test, and when I clicked on "see all results" it showed his picture,and yes it was named.
    Posted by Kikyo-Kako on Friday February 13 ,2004
  • He looks like Naraku. Same hair, same head. Except for his eyes. Onigumo's eyes looks nicer with no shadows. His eyes are also brown.......I think.
    Posted by Mish on Friday February 13 ,2004
  • they show him in eps 69-71. and i think in ep 87 (in flashbacks b4 he was wrapped up).
    Posted by gamergirl on Saturday February 14 ,2004

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