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Question:Why dose inuyasha be mean to Kagome?


  • He is probably mean to her because he doesn't want to become to emotionally attached, because anyone he has ever loved has ended up dead causing him to have heart ach. Also because society has never really cared about him, and have always been mean he feels unwanted and doesn't want to risk losing the few friends he does have and doesn't know how to respond to there generosity and understanding. Another reason is probably that because earlier in the episodes he wishes to become a full fledge demon and wants nothing to hold him back, or anything to do with what he considers his dirty half (human kind). There are many different reasons, but my main guess is that Kagome just reminds him to much about Kikyo, and in the first few episodes, Inuyasha blames kikyo for his death, and now with KIkyo back he wants to remain faithful to her, and tries to push Kagome as far away from his heart as possible.
    Posted by Eco on Sunday February 15 ,2004
  • That's not entirely true. Inuyasha is only really mean to her in the first few eps but he starts to develop a liking for her he only yells at her sometimes when she sits her or when he doesn't agree with her and that's kinda considered flirting to me!
    Posted by Inuyashasgirl on Friday February 27 ,2004

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