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Question:Can InuYasha pass through then well because of the shikon shard in his eye? (Yura of the demon hair never went through the well... some of her hair was attatched to inuyasha and Kagome only her hair made it through) Have any other demons passed throught the well?


  • That isn't a shard in Inu-boy's eye. It's actually a black pearl that contains the world of his father's grave. DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT?!? And , I don't THINK that anybody else can go through the well and I have no idea whatsoever how InuYasha can since Kagome's the one wwith all the shard's.
    Posted by Bulla on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • no,unbelievelbly, he can pass through with or without the shard and come back with or without it.
    Posted by kirara on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • inu yashas father's grave is in his right eye, not a shikon jewel. nope no one else can pass threw the well but the 2 of them.
    Posted by gamergirl on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • he can pass through the well no matter what
    Posted by smiley gurl on Thursday February 19 ,2004
  • K, bulla and gamergirl dont know what theyre talking about. (however, gamergirl, ive seen you answer many questions, I applaud your participation!!) Ive read the entire manga online, i know the stuff. The Black Pearl is only a PORTAL to take them to the tomb, and yes the final shard is there. A greater demon by the name of Housenki, who was a friend of Inuyasha's father, who first created the black pearl, can talk to jewels and can make powerful jewels. That shard of the jewel told him not to let the entire jewel reunite, or naraku will conquer world. So he makes a portal with one of his jewely things or something and goes to the tomb and guards the shard there. So anyway from start to finish the jewel shard was never in his eye, and neither was the tomb. Only the portal to the tomb was. So I guess he can go without the jewel shards. Mistriss centipede and Yura's hair have both gone through the well. No one else besides those two.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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