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Question:Hey guys, I'm not sure if you've seen this but at the end of the second movie, there is this mini clip where Miroku tries to pull Sango in for a quick smooch, Sango slaps him and asks him something along the lines of what the hell were you thinking haha...but when I saw it, there was no audio - am I the only one who saw it like this? Or has someone else actually heard what it is they said? I get the general idea, but I'd still love to know what they were saying.


  • Appearently all the downloads you can get from the computer of the 2nd movie are missing audio at the end. Appearently the rumour is that Meroku is reminiscing about Kagome's and Inuyasha's kiss and he is trying to talk Sango into kissing him like that (sort of like a repeat when he tells Sango durring the battle to come into his arms, and she turns bright red). Anyways Kagome is all embaressed from them remebering hers and Inuyasha's intamet moment. Inuyasha try's to make her feel better saying it was nothing and acting like he doesn't remeber most of it (or the juicey parts) and Kagome get really ticked off at him. Meroku starts shaking his head and Sango is just disapointed because both them thought that the two had finnaly admitted to each other their feelings, and were finnaly a couple. Shippo is just like "whatever" and isin't really surprissed since Inuyasha and Kagome are always acting like children. Kagome continues arguing with Inuyasha about the moment and finnally sits him for being an idiot. The last shot is of the locket with the two pictures of them arguing, because pretty much the temporary lovers are back to where they started! Arguing friends!
    Posted by Eco on Wednesday February 18 ,2004
  • Yes, sango says what the hell are you doing... miroku says that sonce inuyasha and kagome kissed it was their turn... kagome gets embarrassed and yells... inuyasha says that its ok and she did it without asking anyways... kagome looks up .. inuyasha looks retarded and..........SIT :D
    Posted by on Wednesday February 18 ,2004
  • yes in the 2nd movie , sango says what the hell r u doing?? and miroku says what???"inuyasha and kagome are like that too.."!! and kagome gets really embaresed,and turns bright "red"!!!!!and says ahh....i dont remember anything!!!i dont remember anything!!!!! then "inuyasha" says "uhh, actually i really dont like to do it!" then kagome looks up, and inuyasha`s all like "uhh"...and kagome says "inuyasha"......"SIT"!!!!!!!!! THEN they show the locket that kagome gives to inuyasha , and u hear shippo`s voice saying..."inuyasha being "MATURE"!!!!!!!I HAVE THE MOVIE AND THIS IS ACTUALLY WHAT THEY SAID......SOOO YAH!!HEE..LOLZ~~~~
    Posted by doggieboiluver on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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