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Question:This is complicated... Kagome lives in the present and she travels to the past, where are all the youkai? Did the species extinct or are they just well hidden?


  • extinct
    Posted by ____++InUyAsHa FaN++____ on Wednesday February 18 ,2004
  • I don't think they're extinct because in episode 12 "The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul" the soul piper (a demon(youkai)) appears in Kagome's time.
    Posted by Annonimus on Thursday February 19 ,2004
  • That's a good question...well, I think they are hidden because the human world has expanded in such a way that the youkai have probably gone into hiding becuase the humans are overwhelmingly too powerful for them to handle. Youkai are reserved beings and they don't like to be bothered by noises and such. If Sesshoumaru has not been struck down by anything or anyone, there is a great possibility that he's still alive but not exactly existing in the human world like before when the youkai used to rule. It's like the Elves in the Lord of the Rings. Something like that.
    Posted by jarjayes on Sunday February 22 ,2004
  • It is unlikely that all of the youkai have gone extinct. More than likely, they just disguise/hide themselves. Kitsune would have no problem with this, and many other youkai simply look human enough to pass off as odd people.
    Posted by Kanna-Hitomi-Chan on Friday March 05 ,2004
  • What about the mask of flesh(book 3)? and the Tatari-Mokke(book 4)? They are the only ones I can think o fright now but it seem that at least a few still exists in the present
    Posted by Yuna-Ki on Friday March 05 ,2004

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