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Question:ok the demons i saw on the show dont go killing everyone they see so why did inuyasha when he got his sword taken away? and why does he turn into a demon when he doesnt have his sword???


  • The reason why Inu Yasha goes on a killing sprea when he gots his sword taken away is because , Goshkik a demon broke the Tetssigea and broke the seal that sealed away inu yasha's inherited Youkai blood(demon blood) from his father. And since he is half demon his body cannot withstand the Youkai blood so Inu yasha forgets where he is and who he is and only wants to fight and kill. Thus he won't give up until his enemy is killed or his body is destoryed. And the only way to turn back into his former self is by having the tetssigea back in his posession, the sit command by Kagome, or being kissed by Kagome. And the other reason why Inu yasha doesn't throw away his sword to become a full fledged demon is, if he does and gets in a fight he will transforme and kill his oppoent and his allaies without even knowing it and go on a killing spree, meaning the death of Kagome which he doesn't want. And plus Inu yasha doesn't want to become a full fledged demon anymore.
    Posted by Youkai shadow on Wednesday February 18 ,2004
  • he's half demon remember? his demon blood took over
    Posted by ____++InUyAsHa FaN++____ on Wednesday February 18 ,2004

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