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Question:if inuyasha wants to become a full demon why doesnt he just get rid of hes sword?


  • he cannot get rid of the sword cuz his brother would take it and do bad to the he doesn't think he wants to be full demon anymore cuz he became full a few times
    Posted by Naraku Fan on Wednesday February 18 ,2004
  • Because he doesn't truely want to be a demon anymore.
    Posted by annonymus on Wednesday February 18 ,2004
  • Inuyasha wants to become a full demon partly for the power, and partly to fit in with the other demons. (Maybe he wants to be like Sesshomaru). When he becomes LIKE a full-demon by dropping his sword, he gains the power, but he goes berserk and isn't aware of himself. Even if the demons did accept this crazy bloodlusting monster, he wouldn't be aware enough to realize it. By the third transformation, (vs Gotenmaru and the bandits,) he's barely sentient. Eventually, transforming will cause him to lose his soul. Maybe that means that he'll never be aware of himself again, or maybe he'll slump down against a tree like Kikyo when she does't have enough souls :). Also, there is about 30 episodes...? between the beginning and that point during which Inuyasha (secretly) changed his mind about becoming a full demon. He'd never admit it until later, though.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday February 21 ,2004

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