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Question:For anyone who knows anything.. the last shikon shard is in inuyasha's father's tomb am i correct? So are you saying that inuyasha can go throught the well even without the shikon shard in his father's tomb, in a black pearl, in inuyasha's eye?


  • That was a sort of confusing question. They dont use the black pearl again to get to his father's skeleton, it was only meant to be used once. They have to follow Naraku, who opens a portal or doorway or something using a lot of human blood.
    Posted by Kryyn on Wednesday February 25 ,2004
  • the tomb and shard is not in his eye! the black pearl in his eye is only a PORTAL that takes them to the tomb. So i guess that means he really can go through without shards, because of his connection to Kagome i guess.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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