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Question:How egsactily did that one guy(cant remember name or who it was)put the last shard of the shicone no tamma in the black pearl Inuyasha's eye?Was it a teleportatoin spell of some sort?


  • nobody knows...
    Posted by mystery hunter on Thursday February 19 ,2004
  • The last shard of the jewel isn't in Inuyasha's eye. It's in the place his father's skeleton is. They can't go back through the black pearl, at least not in the anime, 'cause it was meant to only be used once. They have to follow Naraku, who opens up a doorway of some kind with a whole bunch of human blood.
    Posted by Kryyn on Wednesday February 25 ,2004
  • The tomb is not inside Inuyasha's eye. The pearl in his eye is only a PORTAL that takes them to the tomb. The guy your talking about is a greater demon by the name of Housenki. He was a friend of inuyasha's father. Since he is a jewel maker, (he made the black pearl in inyuasha eye in the first place) he can hear their thoughts. The Shikon shard he had told him not to let it reunite, because then Naraku would do terrible terrible things. So Housenki takes it to the tomb. Now, if Housenki could make the black pearl that took inuyasha and sesshy and kagome to the tomb, wouldnt it make sense if he could make another to send himself through? thats probly how he got through. Then he stayed on other side to protect it.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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