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Question:what are sesshoumaru's power?


  • He has many powers. 1. Energy whip. He uses both as weapon and to disarm Inuyasha of the Tetsusaiga. He can spin around fast with the whip, making a barrier around himself. He does this in the 1st episode with Sesshomaru. 2. Acid claw. Its a claw. with acid. At one point he makes a huge hole in Inuyasha's chest with this attack. 3. Spray acid. He sprays acid. He once did it to Kagome. Kagome was presumed dead, but was protected by the Tetsusaiga. 4. Demon strengthspeed. 5. Transform. He transforms into a huge dog demon. His drool forms a poison mist. 6. Teleport. He has only done this once, in dog demon form. He teleports away whee! 7. Tenseiga. Tenseiga is useless in battle, but can revive people. Also, it protects him. He almost died due to the wind scar, but Tenseiga protected him and teleported him to safety. 8. Tokigen. Tokigen is a very powerful sword that is unusable to anyone because of the very evil aura it exudes. Somehow Sesshomaru is able to overcome this evil aura. It has some telekinetic powers (demon inuyasha leaped at him, only to be blown backwards before he even reached Sesshomaru.) Also, it can shoot lots of mini energy bolts. 9. Fluffy. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just to look cool. At one point, Sesshomaru grabs Inuyasha with the fluffy, swings him around, and slams him to the ground. 10. Implant arm. Sesshomaru lost his arm due to Inuyasha's vicious attack, and now can take arms off corpses and use them as his own. However, they rapidly rot away, and can only be used for a few hours before they distintigrate. K, thats it. I think i covered everything.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Monday March 01 ,2004

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