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Question:what is inuyasha trunpower


  • What kinda power are you talking about? I guess ill list them all... demonic speedstrength, claws, Ironreaver Soulstealer, Tetsusaiga (just slashing), wind scar (through Tetsusaiga), Slay 100 demons (through Tetsusaiga), Bakiyuuha (through Tetsusaiga), transform, break barriers. Ironreaver is like slashing several things at once. Tetsusaiga is very powerful sword. Wind Scar (in Japanese, Kaze no Kizu) is when Inuyasha slashes at the point at which the winds of two opponents (im assuming the winds form because of the clashing of their power auras..?), releasing a wave of energy. Slay 100 demons can ummm slay 100 demons? He has only used it once though, protecting Miroku. Bakiyuuha (i mispelled it sry) is when the Tetsusaiga absorbs the demon energy from an opponent, and then performs the wind scar using the energy it absorbed. It makes a whirlwind sorta thingy. Used to defeat Ryuukosei. This is Tetsusaiga's ultimate attack. Transform is what happens whenever he is pushed to the limit (physically or mentally, like seeing his friendsinnocents attacked). His claws get longer, he gets blue stripe thingies under his eyes, sorta like the stripes under Sesshomarus eyes. And he gets ummm freakishly powerful. This can only occur when he is separated from Tetsusaiga. Transforming for him is a bad thing, since his demon side waaay overpowers his human side, resulting corrosion of his soul. Every time he transforms, he's a little more berserk than last time. Eventually he will be totally unaware of anything, and will become a mindless killing machine. Break barriers is obtained later in the series. Tetsusaiga turned red when it was acquired. Allows Inuyasha to break magical barriers with one chop. Sry if this answer was long
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday February 29 ,2004
  • Hello, its me again. I just read the entire manga online, at and i suggest you go there. Anyway, I found another attack in the manga. When they are at Inuyasha's father's tomb the second time, searching for the final jewel shard, they run into Housenki. Housenki allows Inuyasha to slay him with Tetsusaiga, so it will absorb his power. However, Inuyasha doesn't because it takes a while to hack through his skin, and he has to protect Kagome and others. Because of this, the power is absorbed giving him the new attack, Kongousouha, which roughly translates as diamond spear blast. Its like an energy blast, but has diamond knives with it. Very powerful.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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