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Question:What the in the Feudal era is a Toukijin?( one of sessoumaru's powers)


  • toukijin = sesshoumarus sword toukajin = the peach man in ep 57-58
    Posted by gamergirl on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • Toukijin is a sword forged from the teeth of Goshinki, one of Naraku's incarnations (the 3rd one). Goshinki was able to break Tetsusaiga by biting it in half, forcing Inuyasha to seek out Totosai to repair it (starting off the whole thing with his sword being too heavy). Sesshomaru took Goshinki's head to Totosai's rebellious student,Kaijinbou, who used Goshinki's teeth to make Toukijin. Toukijin's evil aura makes it unusable to Inuyasha and friends, but Sesshomaru is able to overcome the evil aura. For some reason, Toukijin is shaped like a European sword. All the other swords (that I have seen so far, anyway) are Japanese-style - with curved blades and off-center points. Tetsusaiga is shaped like a falchion (not sure if its Japanese or European or both) but its supposed to look like a fang. Apparently, Kaijinbou has done some travelling in his days. Maybe all those new ideas are what made him so rebellious. :) Toukijin can shoot many mini energy bolts, and has telekinetic powers. Transformed Inuyasha leaped at Sesshomaru, but was blown back by the sword before he even reached Sesshomaru.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • It is Sssoumaru's new sword. forged from the fangs that broke the tetsusaiga
    Posted by annonimus on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • the Toukijin us a sword made from the fangs of Goshinki,the demon who could bite throught the Tetsusaiga
    Posted by tetsusaiga on Sunday February 22 ,2004

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