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Question:how did sheshomaru get his sword?


  • It depends on which sword you're talking about: Tenseiga (the sheathed one by his side, that he rarely uses) was given to him by his father as a gift. I've heard that in movie three, it shows him walking by a tree and the sword's attached to it with a note saying "To Sesshoumaru (ironically, with a little heart..)" Toukijin, the sword you see him using most of the time (after episode..uh, 45 or so?) was constructed from the fangs of Goshinki; one of Naraku's detachments, after a full demon Inuyasha killed it.
    Posted by Shuu on Sunday February 22 ,2004
  • he got the tenseiga from his father and the toukijin from toutosai's ex appritence(sorry for the spelling mistakes)
    Posted by nobody likes me on Sunday February 22 ,2004

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