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Question:What do hanyou mean?


  • half demon
    Posted by gamergirl on Sunday February 22 ,2004
  • hanyou means half demon and youkai means full demon
    Posted by Hanyou&Youkai on Sunday February 22 ,2004
  • Hanyou means HALF DEMON. Which InuYasha is, a half demaon.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • half demon, half human (its what Inuyasha is)!
    Posted by Eco on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • half demon, youkai is full demon u_u
    Posted by INUYASHA OWNS YOU!!! on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • Hanyou means half demon.
    Posted by Juni on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • Hanyou means half demon in english! Example: Inuyasha"s Mom Was A Human, and His Dad Was A Demon! That Makes Inuyasha A Hanyou/Halfdemon
    Posted by PrincessI. on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • Han=half,You=demon. Half-demon.
    Posted by Kouga Freak on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • Hanyou means half-demon in Japanese.
    Posted by kami on Monday February 23 ,2004

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