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Question:I am hereing a lot of rumers on this website and well HOW MANY RUMERS ARE THER ABOUT THE SERIES INUASHA!!!


  • 1- that inu dies 2- that kagome dies 3- that sango dies 4- that miroku dies 5- that ANYONE dies 6- that inu and kikyou have sex 7- that inu an kagome have sex 8- that jaken rapes rin 9- that miroku and snaog have sex 10- that inu and kagome have kids 11- that miroku and sango get married 12- that miroku and sango have kids 13- that inu and kagome get married 14- that new eps will come in february 15- that the series has ended 16- that inu admits his feelings for kagome 17- that inu chooses the woman he wants i could go ON and ON forever. ALL OF THOSE ARE LIES
    Posted by gamergirl on Sunday February 22 ,2004

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