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Question:someone said sesshomaru means 'rock paper scissors' and another said it means 'destruction man', which is it?


  • I think it means destruction man.It could also mean destruction or destruction of the circle of life.
    Posted by _sesshoumaru_fan_forever_ on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • In some subtitles it's translated as "the poison pill"
    Posted by Kryyn on Wednesday February 25 ,2004
  • a bunch of translations i've read ( quite a few!) say it means "destroyer of life" . Though i wish it was rock-paper-scissors because it5 would be funny to match that with his giant ego
    Posted by Smiley Gurl on Thursday March 25 ,2004
  • The most literal translation is,"killing circle". But in one of the episodes, he is called a killing pill. It could also mean destructer of life, pure destruction.
    Posted by Rin the 7 year old on Saturday April 03 ,2004
  • killing perfection. it was answerd ALOT in the show
    Posted by misao on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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