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Question:What's Kagome's cat's name?


  • Buyo
    Posted by kikyo kagome higurashi on Sunday December 21 ,2003
  • it's Buyo
    Posted by Kagome22 on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • Kagome's cat's name is Buyo, ya know before I read the books I always thought it was Burshu!!! But it's Buyo!!!
    Posted by InuYasha's 1073r on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • If you mean the chubby tan 1,Buyo!^_^
    Posted by Kyoto Fan on Monday December 29 ,2003
  • My cat's name is Buyo.
    Posted by Kagome Higurashi on Tuesday December 30 ,2003
  • her cat's name is Buyo
    Posted by Inuyasha'sgurl on Tuesday December 30 ,2003
  • Buyo
    Posted by Fuzzi Shippo on Monday January 05 ,2004
  • In the first Episode of InuYasha it tells you its name. BUYO
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Tuesday January 20 ,2004
  • Her fat cat is called Buyo.
    Posted by _friends_forever_sango_ on Tuesday January 27 ,2004
  • B-U-Y-U WHATS THAT SPELL? BUYU!!!!!! lol I love cats
    Posted by on Wednesday January 28 ,2004
  • buyo
    Posted by Inuyasha on Thursday January 29 ,2004
  • It was said in the anime. In the first episode when Sota is looking for him he says "BBBuuuuyooooo." Atleast in the dubbed version.
    Posted by Sango1115 on Saturday February 07 ,2004
  • Kagome's cat's name is Buyo
    Posted by on Wednesday February 11 ,2004
  • That fat cat's name is Buyo.
    Posted by Eliza on Friday February 13 ,2004
  • The name is buyo and I also found out that means "fat" in japanese. hee hee now I have a new word in my vocab yeah!
    Posted by Vixen on Friday February 13 ,2004
  • BUYO! BUYO! BUYO, DARN IT!!!!!!!!
    Posted by IY'sbiggestfan or InuY on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • how can u not noe tha cute lil kitty.s name...its Buyo [says in tha manga....]
    Posted by buddhistxbabi on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • da BIG FAT cat dat Kagome has? its name is Buyo!!!!!!!!
    Posted by Inu-Yasha143 roxs! on Friday February 27 ,2004
  • Kagome's cat's name is Buyo.
    Posted by Terry on Sunday February 29 ,2004
  • Buyo
    Posted by Hood Rat on Sunday February 29 ,2004
  • her cat's name is Buyo!
    Posted by Sesshomaru's Girl on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • Buyo
    Posted by Steph on Saturday March 06 ,2004
  • Buyo the little fat cat of course!
    Posted by tokyo gurlz aka kagome and sango on Thursday March 11 ,2004
  • buyo
    Posted by on Saturday March 27 ,2004
  • buyo
    Posted by yukailover on Sunday March 28 ,2004

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