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Question:Is it just me or does Kagura's clothes change a few times?


  • Mmm... well, I've only seen her wearing 2 sets of clothes: The first time we see her, she was wearing a red kimono and a blue kimono outside, but since Inu Yasha used the Kaze no Kizu, the top was torn apart. When she arrived to Naraku's castle she then wore the clothes we see her use always: The blue kimono, and the read and white kimono outside with the yellow obi. Come to think about it, in one of the recent manga episodes, the top of her clothes were torn too... I wonder which clothes she will use from now on...
    Posted by Goldenmoonlight13 on Monday March 08 ,2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Wednesday March 10 ,2004
  • Yeah i think they do change. You know whats interesting? At one point she is dressed in redwhite stripes, and another part blue. US colors, i wonder why?
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • Well acording up to recent events in the manga her clothes have changed 4 times. They alaways involve a 3 layer kimono with a red and white pattern on the 1st layer a white 1 with sewed in patterns on the second layer and a plain green 1 for the 3rd. Ok, it goes like this after Kagura's first appearence her clothes are ripped up by Inu-Yasha's KAZE NO KIZU so she changes into 1 with the same basic design (and yellow sash) as the last one (in the anime they switch around the colors a bit for no aparent reason but I'm goin by the manga). This is the outfit she wears for most of the series (unless it goes on for another 32 or so volumes) then in volume 32 her clothes get ripped up a bit (not as much as the 1st time) when she tries to go through the gateway between this world and the next instead of Inu-Yasha. So she once again,changes her clothes.For this outfit (whitch didn't last NEARLY as long as the last 1) she wears a multicolored green and white-swirlys sash and again has a different pattern on the 1st layer of her kimono (and the 2nd one if you look closely also changes each time). For the 4th and final time thus far, she is looking for Naraku's heart at Goryoumaru's temple and is shot through the chest her clothes of course are ONCE AGAIN(I think Kagura has clothing promblems) ripped up in the process. Again she has the same basic design decribed above but with a different pattern on her outer kimono and a solid green sash.
    Posted by imouto-chan on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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