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Question:What is a ramen?


  • Ramen is a type of soup. It includes noodles, a type of broth, meat, and certain spices, such as curry. But the type Kagome gives InuYasha is the instant kind which usually just includes the broth and noodles.
    Posted by Chichiri-Koi13 on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • Noodles! Ramen is a type of noodles, personly my favorite.
    Posted by on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • They are long, thin noodles in broth, they come in oringinal, but some are flavored. (Like chicken, shrimp, vegetable, etc.,)
    Posted by Nikki on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • A kind of Noodles that where invented in Japan
    Posted by SkyLark on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • Ramen is a type of noodle. I've never tried it, but I've heard that it's good.
    Posted by Kami on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • It is like cup o noodles . well basically instant noodles that you can eat in a soup form or just the noodles.
    Posted by on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • arent they mr. noodles?
    Posted by Miss Noodle on Monday March 01 ,2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Wednesday March 10 ,2004
  • Their a type of Japanese noodle. Sometimes the instand kind.
    Posted by Inuyasha Fan for life! on Monday March 15 ,2004
  • They're just noodles and broth.Personally,I prefer it over any other kind of noodles^______^tasty!!
    Posted by Aru-chan on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • The breakfast of champions... Or poor college students anyway. LOL Basically its a soup consisting of noodles,veggies and usually chicken or beef in a steaming broth. The stuff InuYasha eats is the instant ready type (like "Cup O' Noodle", just add water).
    Posted by Drakken/the animeman on Saturday April 03 ,2004

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