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  • Yuppers. I dont remember the episode # exactly, but i think it was called, "that unforgettable face!" or something. Naraku gave Kohaku a little free rein to do whatever he wanted after the castle blew up. Kohaku remembered nothing of who he is or where he came from, and found his way to Inuyasha and company. Lots of dialogue between Sango and Kohaku, obviously. Anyway, Kohaku was alone with Kagome, hiding from demons, so Naraku took control again and tried to kill her. However, he hesitated long enough for Sango to find them, showing that Naraku never had total control over Kohaku.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • In a way he does. In the episode where Kohaku is found by two elders, Naraku takes Kohaku back under his control and tells him to kill Kagome. Fortunately, he doesn't kill her and defies Naraku's order.
    Posted by Kami on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • In Movie #2 he dose up until then ending.
    Posted by Yuna-Ki on Friday March 05 ,2004
  • Also, reaaaly late in the manga, Kohaku eventually regains his memories. However, he pretends to still be under Naraku's control in hopes that he will be positioned near Kanna and Naraku's heart, the baby that Kanna protects. Then he can easily slay Naraku. However, Kohaku continues to obey him, and does horrible horrible things (slew many many villages with a horde of rats) so Naraku will not suspect.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Wednesday March 31 ,2004

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