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  • since i am bored, feeling nice and wanna get over some dissapointments with rurouni kenshin... i'll do this... to the best of my abilities... 5,6,7 - Sess 1st appearance trying to locate dad's grave. 18,19 - Sess trying to kill Inu to get Tessuiga with the hand Naraku gave him. 34,35 - Sess testing tessuiga to see if it'd react, if not, he's gonna destroy it along with Inu... but Inu unleases the Kaze no Kizu blasting Sess... Then Sess meets Rin who tries to care of him (heh) 44,45 - Getting the toukajin 51,52 - Sess checking out the truth behind the Tessuiga and Inu's tranformation. 66 - kawaii Rin wishing to be with Sesshomaru-sama forever... also well Kagura comes to meet Sesshomaru to ask him to help her destroy naraku in exchange for the Shikon shards. 75,76,77 - Sess goes off to finish and unsettled battle with the cat tribe. 79,80,81 - Has to do with Sess and Naraku and Naraku tricking him by kidnapping Rin. 96 - kawaii filler episode of Jaken being poisoned and good ol rin going to look for the antidote for him... and of course sess going off to fight Inu and to wrap up the day go save rin as she plunges to her death. 99 - kawaii filler episode that deals with Sess and Kouga (mostly Hakku and Ginta)... kawaii- Sess, "Rin, didn't you say you want to fish?" ^_^ 104,107 - Has to do with the Shichinintai. 111 - Sess figuring out Naraku's hideout 114 - Sess and gang going nearer into Mt. Hakureizan 115,116 - love these episodes... Sess battles with Jakutsu but ditches the fight to follow after Rin/Jaken who fell off the clift while battling Suikutsu... then Rin gets taken and Sess goes to get her back even knowing full well that it's a trap... wooo... *aww* 121 - Sess and the gang leaving Mt. Hakureizan area but has naraku's demons coming out towards them. 124 - Yo, Sess comes just as Naraku "kills" Kikyo 133,134 - Well... it's called the Sesshomaru Fall Special for a reason! -- i've downloaded to 141, but have not watched 141 yet the Entai chapters so... but i don't think Sesshomaru appears yet. Other filler eps from 134 onwards has no sess in it. I might have left one or two episodes out (which i have noted).. but they're probably minimal appearance by sess. coz it gets confusing especially those continuous chapters... like the Shichinintai episodes... soooooooooooo long and sooooooooooooooo many continuous episodes one after another... might have missed a short Sess appearance. watch the whole series tho... it's kinda meaningless watching only bits of it. Plus, u don't really see Sess' "progression" in his character motivation and all that if u only watched the sess bits. =)
    Posted by dissolution on Monday March 01 ,2004
  • 5,6,7,18,19,34,35,51,52,53,66,67,75,76,77,80,81,99,104,114,115,116,123,124,133,134. the shichinintai eps have him in certain parts. i am not sure about those.
    Posted by gamergirl on Monday March 01 ,2004
  • hey and he's in episode 143
    Posted by sesshoumaru on Thursday March 04 ,2004

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