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Question:Which is the correct way to spell it: Kikyo or Kikyou?


  • They are both correct. Kikyou is Japanese way of spelling it and Kikyo is the Americanised way.Use either one.
    Posted by _+Dark+_+Miko+_+Kagome+_ on Tuesday March 02 ,2004
  • its kikyou. thats from the original japanese dub. translations usually mess up everything
    Posted by gamergirl on Tuesday March 02 ,2004
  • I believe it is spelled Kikyou.
    Posted by Someone on Tuesday March 02 ,2004
  • I spell it Kikyou. I know ppl that spell it Kikyo. The point is, Kikyou is the Japanese way to spell it, Kikyo is the American way. DOWN W/ THE AMERICAN WAY!!!!!! j/k...........
    Posted by Nikki on Thursday March 04 ,2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Wednesday March 10 ,2004
  • It's Kikyo in the English version and it's Kikyou in the Japanesse version, but the corrcet way to spell it is Kikyou.
    Posted by Danielle on Friday March 19 ,2004
  • There's NOTHING WRONG WITH spelling it Kikyo!!! BOTH WAYS ARE FINE!!!!
    Posted by Danielle on Friday March 19 ,2004

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