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The episode begins with Kanna walking through a misty, grey field, reciting a poem alone. She walks forward and picks up Kagura's fan. With emotionless eyes, she wonders aloud if Kagura really did become free as the wind. As Kanna stands in the rain she continually repeats that she has nothing as she fades away into the distance.....

The rain is pouring down infront of Naraku's castle. He is regenerating himself from Kikyo's last attack before her death, and thinking about how their is a small speck of purity deep insisde the jewel he defiled, and it will not go away.

Later, on a sunny forest path, InuYasha and friends are walking, as as usual, quarrelling, as they enter a small villiage full of beautiful flowers. Sango, Kagome and Miroku find the scent of the flowers soothing, while Inuyasha finds it sickening. Not to mention Shippo and Kirara who were beginning to feel very sick. Some villiagers invited them to stay the night. InuYasha was apprehensive at first, but none the less, he joined in. As they walk Kagome quietly reflects on how InuYasha still hasn't gotten over Kikyo's death. The gang is then given a house that they have specifically for travellers, to sleep in for the night.

After that, the villiagers walk over to an ominous castle and report to their "Flower King" that they have brought new travellers. The Flower Prince smiles as he is happy to conclude that he has found a horribly injured soul in one of said travellers.

Back in the traveller's house, everyone but InuYasha is asleep. Shippo and Kirara are getting much more sick as the night goes on. InuYasha doesn't want to go to sleep because he knows if he does he will dream- about Kikyo.

Outside, the villiagers are wandering around the fields of flowers like zombies being controlled by someone. The flower's vines contrict their bodies as they each cry tears of blood, and say they are now "at peace, finally."

InuYasha, Kagome, Sango and Miroku run out to rescue the villiagers. Miroku uses a sutra at them and they reveal that all the beautiful flowers weren't real, as the humans turned to soil. The Flower Prince arrives and introduces himself. He claims that all he does for people is give them "peace" of mind... InuYasha yells out for everyone not to brath in the toxins around them, but it is too late. Sango collapses into a dream about her lost brother, Kohaku. The FLower Prince is gone, and InuYasha and Kagome (with prayer beads given to her by Miroku) set off behind to find The Flower Prince.

Kanna, by a glistening pond, throws Kagura's fan into the pond and says her final good byes. Then, Byakuya comes and delivers a message to her from Naraku.

InuYasha and Kagome arrive at The Flower prince's castle. He captures InuYasha as he explains that InuYasha's soul is a wreck. Kagome relizes the reason she can still feel pain and sorrow is because she is wearing the prayer beads of protection Miroku gave to her.

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Inuyasha is having artificial dreams about Kikyo. As he too, cries tears of blood.

Outside the castle, Kagome desperately tries to rescue InuYasha. Then, by hearing Kagome's voice call out to him, InuYasha is re-awakened from his dream and fights The Flower Prince. The Flower Prince takes on his real form to battle.

Just then, Kagome shoots her arrow, with the prayer beads attched to it, and manages to break through the barrier around the castle and get InuYasha out. Now unprotected by the prayer beads, The Flower Prince finds that he likes the taste of Kagome's soul more than InuYasha's, beacause he sees that Kagome is hurting much more than he is. InuYasha is shocked. Kagome fiercly begins to fight back, surprising InuYasha with her intensity, emmense power, and burning desire to win. InuYasha teams up with her to defeat The Flower Prince once and for all. All the flowers disappear and Shippo and Kirara are no longer sick as they sit in the travellers house with Miroku and Sango.

Kagome and InuYasha stand together in the open field. They have an emotional, deep conversation that ends with a cute scene. A shooting star flies by.

On a pond, Kanna slowly sinks beaneath the surface of the water. Her mirror emerges and the whole pond shines.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha and gang are off to follow a trace of Naraku's scent, they are lead to a small pond. Kanna's mirror lay on the surface. Then, Kanna and a huge mirrored demon emerge. Inuyasha draws his sword and realizes that this demon can not only mock his sword, but can steal it's power as well. With InuYasha left powerless, Shippo uses his Fox Magic to get them away safely.

Kanna and her mirrored demon walk through a forest at sunset. Kanna's demon picks her a small flower as she again recites the same poem from the beginning, whle Inuyasha and friends run into the forest to find her.

The episode ends with Kanna emotionlessly crushing the small flower in her tiny fist, in the sunset clearing, as the scene fades to black...

By: Kagome :)