Final Act Episode 2 - KAGURA'S WIND
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The episode begins with Kagura flying away on her feather, remebering InuYasha's promise to return her heart to her.

Then, it shows Sango and Kohaku visiting their father and fellow slayer's gravesites, in the villiage of the Demon Slayers.

InuYasha, Myoga, and friends are entering Midorikos's cave. Kagome recalls the story of Midoriko's life and death. InuYasha and friends notice a strangely pure barrier around a pupa growing in Midoriko's chest. InuYasha and Myoga agree that they need to keep watch over the cave. Inuyasha wonders if the scent he smells could really be the one he is thinking of (Kikyo).

Koga and friends are setting off to find the ancient Goraishi Claws, located in the graves of their ancestors. Koga thinks that once he has these claws, he can defeat Naraku and Moryomaru.

InuYasha's friends are sitting around a fire while InuYasha is guarding Midoriko's cave alone, which he specifically wanted.

In Midoriko's cave, Kikyo's soul collector emerges from the pupa, InuYasha follows it. The soul collector took Midoriko's soul, and lead InuYasha to Kikyo. Kikyo's wound from Naraku's miasma has opened again, and when Midoriko's soul enters her body, the wound heals. Kikyo says that in some way, her and Midoriko share the same soul, then Kikyo collapses into the lake.

Kagome realizes something is happening to Kohaku's shard, and then Kohaku abruptly runs away. Kagome follows. Kikyo's soul collectors lead Kohaku to her and InuYasha. The barrier around Kikyo and InuYasha lets Kohaku through, but not Kagome and friends.

Then, Koga's jewel shards begin to act up, and his legs become very heavy.

Kikyo tells InuYasha that she must go, and there is no time to wait. Kikyo explains to InuYahsa that you can't kill Naraku with a sword, you have to obliviate his soul. Kikyo says that to kill him, you must assemble the whole Shikon Jewel, and purify it, along with Naraku. Kikyo says that she is the only one who can do this, then she leavs. InuYasha recalls that to assemble the whole jewel, you have to remove Kohaku's shard, which would kill him. InuYasha thinks Kikyo is not the kind of woman capable of that. Kohaku appears and tells InuYahs a that he is off to defeat Naraku, and he tells InuYasha to take care of his sister for him.

Then, Moryomaru absorbs the demon, Meijou, who has invincible armour, to protect the Infant inside of him. Now, Moryomaru has invincible armour.

Koga and friends have found the Goraishi Claws when a giant three headed stone demon appears, who wont let them pass. Koga fights the demon, and ends up earning the Goraishi by proving extremely loyal to the Wolf Demon Tribe. Now Koga hasd the protection of his ancestors, who can only protect him once, from the otherworldly evil demon rivals he has. The Goraishi Claws then enter Koga's body.

Kagura is flying away on her feather, when Naraku appears. Naraku and Kagura talk about Hakudoshi's death. Naraku thinks that Hakudoshi was a fool for trying to defeat Naraku. Naraku says that he will now free Kagura, so she will be under nobody's control. Naraku returns her heart, then injects Kagura with his miasma filled, poisonous tentacles, while carefully avoiding her heart.

Sesshomaru, Rin, Ah-Un, and Jaken are walking. Jaken says that the demonic aura of the crystal is weakening. Then, Moryomaru appears, and Sesshomaru prepares for battle.

Kagura lands down in a clearing full of flowers. Kagura thinks that she is happy and free.

Sesshomaru and Moryomaru are in battle. Rin realizes that the more Sesshomaru attacks, the stronger Moryomaru becomes by absorbing Sesshomaru's demonic energy. Moryomaru suddenly takes hold of Sesshomaru, and is about to absorb him.

Kagura is now close to death. Kagura collapses because she doesn't have enough strength to heal herself.

Sesshomaru recognizes the scent of Kagura's blood on the wind. Sesshomaru lightly damages Moryomaru's armour with his Tokijin, but Tokijin breaks. Moryomaru retreats. Sesshomaru throws Tokijin aside and sets off to find Kagura.

InuYasha and friends are off to find Kagura as well, because InuYasha smelled her blood, and thinks that Naraku may have learned of her betrayal.

Kagura is sitting alone in a field, close to death. Kagura is sad, then Sesshomaru appears, and she is shocked. Sesshomaru said he followed Naraku's scent here. Kagura asked if he was dissappointed it was just her. Shesshomaru said he knew it was her all along, Kagura was speechless. Sesshomaru goes to draw Tenseiga, but he realizes it cannot save Kagura now. Kagura knows she is about to die, but she thinks it's okay, because she got to see Sesshomaru one last time. Then Kagura dies and becomes the wind. InuYasha and friends ariive then. InuYasha wanted to know if Kagura suffered, Sesshomaru replied that she was smiling.

The episode ends showing a shot of the beautiful blue sky, and Kagura's feathers floating away. Then Kagura ends the episode by saying: "I am the wind, the free wind."

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