Final Act Episode 26 - TOWARDS TOMORROW
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Spoiler Alert: The following is a detailed summary of the very final episode of Inuyasha Final Act. The Final Act is the sequel to the original Inuyasha series and continues the story from the manga. Please only proceed if you are determined to learn about what happened at the end (or just super curious, like me ;d )

In the beginning, Kagome gets trapped in a Meido of darkness with the Shikon jewel, while the Bone Eaters Well disappears. Inuyasha creates a Meido and jumps in it to try to find Kagome.

Then, the Shikon Jewel is trying to convince Kagopme to make a wish to return home and escape the darknees she fears. But, if she makes that wish, or any wish that is incorrect, her and Naraku's soul will be trapped in the Jewel forever. Instead of Midoriko's soul and the other demons, it would be Naraku and Kagome's souls fighting for eternity. The Sacred Jewel tells kagome that her destiny was to be trapped in the Jewel and continue the fight of good against evil.

InuYasha saves Kagome and they embrace and kiss. (finally!) Then, Kagome wishes the jewel away and after three days the bone eater's well reappears. Midoriko's and Naraku's souls pass on, and Kagome is brought back to her own time, but the well brings InuYasha back to his own time. The well then stops working.

Three years later, InuYasha is still waiting for Kagome to come, Sango and Miroku have three children (twin girls, and a boy) and Shippo is training to become a stronger demon.

Kagome has to decide between the two worlds, and she chooses to be with InuYasha. They end up married, and Kagome is under Kaede's training to learn how to care for InuYasha, and learn about different herbs.

Kohaku gets Kirara and Totosai makes him a new weapon. Myoga joins Tototsai, and Hojo gets a new girlfriend. Rin ends up living with Kaede, but Sesshomaru is seen bringing her many gifts.

The episode ends with Inuyasha and Kagome standing together, and Kagome knowing they will never be apart, as they head "Toward Tomorrow."

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