Final Act Episode 6 - THE END OF MORYOMARU
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The episode begins with a group of villiagers showing a monk that the evil demon tree called Yomeiju has awakened again. Before the monk can do anything he is devoured by the demon tree.

Later, InuYasha and friends arrive on the scene and Kagome senses a shard of the jewel in Yomeiju. Naraku arrives and absorbs Yomeiju and diappears. InuYasha and friends follow.

Somewhere in the mountains, Koga is chasing after Moryomaru, when he locks eyes with Kikyo who has Kohaku in tow. Then, Moryomaru arrives and knocks Kikyo off a cliff.

Koga finds Kikyo at the bottom of the cliff. Kikyo and Koga fight about his shards and they way to kill Naraku. Kikyo aims her bow at Koga and just misses him. Koga leaves to continue his pursuit of Moryomaru. Later, Kohaku finds Kikyo and they go on after Koga and Moryomaru.

InuYasha and friends see Naraku and Moryomaru up in the sky. They are astoished to see Naraku and Moryomaru fighting over eacother's deaths. Naraku says he predicted all of this would happen and he has a plan. He engages in battle with Moryomaru.

Kikyo and Kohaku arrive as well, but are not spotted.

Moryomaru absorbs Naraku and goes after Koga and Kohaku. Koga attacks Moryomaru before he can completely absorb Naraku's part of the jewel. InuYasha goes to help Koga, while Kagome and Sango go to help Kohaku.

InuYasha and Koga are running from Moryomaru and their fight isn't going very well. Meanwhile, Kagome and Sango stop Kikyo from leaving and Kagome promises to protect Koga's shards so she wont take Kohaku's. Kagome leaves on Kirara to go save Koga.

InuYasha and Koga are captured but InuYasha frees himself while Kagome arrives and purifies the miasma that could have killed Koga.

Inside Moryomaru, Naraku is still alive and has broken through the Infants barrier using the demon tree Yomeiju. Naraku then destroys Moryomaru and gains his armour and powers, and the Infant is back with him. Naraku is now disolving Koga to gain his shards.

Then, down below Kagome Kagome goes to save Koga. While Inuyasha spots Kikyo who has Kohaku and Sango in tow.

Inside Naraku, Koga frees himself from Naraku and exposes the Infant. Down below, Miroku uses his wind tunnel to suck in the Fuyoheki then Miroku is begining to obtain serious injuries from the miasma when InuYasha closes the wind tunnel. Naraku then leaves and says that they will regret missing the perfect opportunity to kill Naraku, then he dissapears. Everyone runs to Miroku's side, Kikyo says she will try to purify him, but with all this poison he will never be fully restored. Everyone is counting on Kikyo.

The episode ends with Sango bowing her head and crying over Miroku, as the scene moves upwards into the sunset sky, it all goes black, then the episode ends.

By: Kagome :)