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The episode begins with Kagome, InuYasha, Shippo and Koga sitting around a fire. Koga is teasing InuYasha yet again. In another area, Kikyo is purifying Mirkoku's wound from Naraku's miasma, while Sango and Kohaku watch.

Meanwhile, Naraku is taking back his human heart into his body because he now knows Kikyo's plan to purify him, so he need his heart back not only to stop her, but to recall back his negative feelings toward her in order to kill her.

Kikyo is finished healing Miroku's wounds and tells him to be careful because the more poison he sucks into his wind tunnel, the more his wound will spread, eventually to his heart and he will die if that happens. Miroku looks over at Sango and Kohaku sleeping peacefully and tells Kikyo to keep this a secret, he doesn't want to worry Sango.

Kikyo tells InuYasha that Miroku is fine, then she leaves. Kohaku follows her. Kagome wakes up and sees a big spider web near Inuyasha!

In a nearby villiage, Kikyo tells Kohaku to always stay nearby her. Then she notices the spiderwebs, but they are not affecting the villiagers. KIkyo knows that Naraku is behind this. The spiderwebs entangle Kikyo.

InuYasha, Koga and friends are heading in the direction that Kagome sees the spiderwebs in. They meet up with some villiagers that say an ill preistess has passed through the villiage, InuYasha knows it's Kikyo and he chases after her scent alone.

Kohaku is safe within a barrier made by Kikyo's shikigami. Kikyo told Kohaku to stay away from her for now.

Now, Kikyo is in a small temple surrounded by spiderwebs! Inuyasha then finds Kikyo and her wound opens up again. InuYsha eters the temple and is trapped there with Kikyo. Kagome, Koga and friends then arrive outside the temple. Kagome also gets trapped inside the temple, leaving everyone else outside.

Naraku is happy that his plan is working......

Kagome is being shown vsions of InuYasha and Kikyo from 50 years ago. When that is over the spider webs dissappear because everyone is now assembled. Kagome notices Kikyo's wound and Kikyo says the only way to save her is for Kagome to go to Mount Azusa and get a special bow and use it to save Kikyo. Only Kagome is capable of doing this. But Kagome must desire to save Kikyo or it won't work. Kagome tells InuYasha to stay with Kikyo, and she sets off with Koga and friends to Mount Azusa.

Kohaku is with Kikyo's Shikiami hiding ina cave, when Byakuya appears. The Shikigami save Kohaku and Byakuya sets fire to the Shikigami.

InuYasha and Kikyo realize that her Shikigami are gone now and that Kohaku is in dnger. They set off to find Kohaku...

Kohaku is on the run. Byakuya corners him and sets poisonous snakes on Kohaku. Sesshomaru comes and causes Byakuya to retreat, saving Kohaku, and having Byakuya retreat fearing his life!

Kagome and friends arrive at the base of a huge staircase on Mount Azusa. They all advance and start to climb the staircase to the bow that can save Kikyo.

InuYasha and Kikyo realize that Kohaku has left with Sesshomaru and his group. Kikyo is heavily relying on Kagome.

Kagome and friend are running up these stairs, when there is a thick fog, and Kagome finds herself alone...

Kagome sees the goddess of the mountain appear before her, with Kikyo's appearance. All of Kaome's companions are stuck at the bottom of the mountain. Kagome is led by the goddess into a temple and given the special bow. Kagome is climbing back down the staircase when she sees InuYasha and she follows him. Kagome sees a vision where InuYasha betrays her for Kikyo, kagome gets swallowed by spider webd, and falls through the earth.

Kikyo realizes that something terrible has happened to Kagome, because the place where kagome is, is designed to test your heart.

Kagome is once again a part of another illusion involving Kikyo, where Kagome hangs with one hand off a cliff. Kagome overcomes the test and falls backward into the fog.

InuYasha srrives at the base of the mountain. He sets Kikyo down, and goes after Kagome.

Now that Kagome has overcome the test, the spiderwebs have disappered and the bow can be used now to save Kikyo, but Kagome is falling straight into the fog!!! All Kagome wishes for now is for InuYasha to save her.

Naraku is surprised that Kagome broke free of his spiderwebs. Byakuya asks Naraku what he plans to do now. Naraku says he will now kill Kikyo as originally planned.......

The episode ends with a shot of a hateful Naraku, surrounded by spiderwebs, and half consumed by shadows.....

By: Kagome :)