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The episode begins with Kagome carrying the sacred bow and falling off the cliff on Mount Azusa...

InuYasha sees Kagome and catches her while Kagome realizes that the Kikyo she was fighting with was but a phantom created by her heart. Then, Kagome and InuYasha turn to see Naraku's spiderwebs!

Koga, Kikyo and friends are at the base of Mount Azusa when Naraku's spiderwebs entangle all of them and take them away into the air.

Kagome and InuYasha reach the base of the mountain to see that all of their friends are gone!

Koga, Kikyo and friends are dropped from Naraku's spiderwebs in his presence. Naraku catches Kikyo and holds her, as they are surrounded by Naraku's spiderwebs. Naraku cruelly asks Kikyo how it feels to die in the arms of a hated foe. Naraku and Koga battle. Kikyo notices that the shards in Koga's legs are being purified by Midoriko's will, and if Naraku absorbes Koga's shards then he will be destroyed on the spot! Naraku has no idea of this plan. Kikyo tells Naraku to hurry up because InuYasha and Kagome are on their way.

Kagome and InuYasha are on their way to the others. Kagome tells InuYasha about the phantom Kikyo she fought that was created from her heart. She is upset at herself for still seeing Kikyo as a mean and hateful person. InuYasha assures Kagome of herself and comforts her while worrying about Koga.

Back where the others and Naraku are, Koga is just about caught by Naraku, and Naraku is about to kill Kikyo! Inuyasha arrives and tries to free Kikyo. Kikyo mentally tells kagome that now is not the time to shoot her with the sacred bow to purify her. Up above, Koga's shards have been purified and Naraku is cruelly taunting Kikyo. later, the inside of Naraku body opened up and eventually caught Koga. if Koga's shards are swallowed they will just be defiled and Naraku will win. Miroku decides to take matters into his own hands.

Down below, InuYasha is trying to help Kikyo, who tells him to go and save Koga.

Up above, Miroku is risking his life to save Koga using his wind tunnel. InuYasha then goes to rescue Koga because Miroku's wound is growing. Kagome sees that Naraku hid the Shikon jewel inside Kikyo. Kikyo mentally tells Kagome now is the time to shoot. So Kagome does just that, and the purified Shikon Jewel is sent straight at Naraku! Naraku manages to defile the Jewel and take it back as he realizes Kikyo's plan. Inuyasha manages to rescue Koga but Koga's shards are taken by Naraku. Kikyo tells Kagome to protect kohaku's shard and that the rest is up to her. Kikyo left a speck of light within the Shikon Jewel that just may serve to kill Naraku,with Kagome's help. Naraku retreats and everyone rushes to Kikyo's side.

At sunset, Kohaku, along with sesshomaru's group, realize that kikyo is dying...

Back in the villiage Kaede looks at the beautiful, but blood red sunset..

InuYasha, holding Kikyo, and friends are in a field at sunset, the air is filled with regret and sorrow. InuYasha takes Kikyo to be alone for a moment. Everyone else sits in the field as Kagome cries because she thinks that she should have been able to save Kikyo. Kikyo mentally tells Kagome not to worry, and that her soul was saved, as she smiles contently in InuYasha's arms.

It is now nightfall and Kaede sees a vision of Kikyo as a spirit, and herself as a young girl. Kikyo apologizes for making Kaede suffer and then she leaves. Kaede reaches out, crying, to her now dead older sister.

It is nightfall in the field where everyone is sitting and saying their regrets about Kikyo's death, while Kagome cries.

Kikyo and InuYasha enjoy their last minutes together, Inuyasha begins to cry as he gently kisses Kikyo goodbye forever. Then, a tear rolls down Kikyo's cheek as she peaceully moves on. Kikyo's soul rises up, guided by her soul collectors, and moves over everyone, enveloping them in a warm light, as if she is saying goodbye. Then, Kikyo's soul collecters bring her soul up into the starry sky and she moves on. Kagome approaches InuYasha and he says that all he wanted to do was protect kikyo forever and not let her endure any more sorrow.

The episode ends with a shot of InuYasha's back, then it moves up among the twinkling stars, and it all goes black....

By: Kagome :)