Fan Art Entries for the month of June, 2003

Kikyo,Sango, and Kagome by Chelsea H.

Inuyasha and Kagome by Cherie Goodson

All faces of Inuyasha by Alexis Bush

Sango and Kirara by Chelsea H.

Inuyasha by Elizabeth Cain

InuYasha & Kagome by Rebellion DuPoy

Kyoto (original character) by Chelsea North

Kikyo,Sango, and Kagome by Chelsea H

Kagome by Jamie Cooper

Young Inuyasha By Josh H.

Inuyasha and Kagome's Wedding by April Stahl

Sesshoumaru by Versailles

Kagome By Misty Ragan

Inuyasha by Ryan Hurley

Sesshoumaru by Seisi

Kagome and InuYasha 'Kiss' by IFREAK4KORN

Inuyasha and Kagome by Felix Le

Inuyasha and Kikyou by Felix Le

InuYasha by Karen

InuYasha by Gina S.

Sango by Merle-chan

Sango by Sara Meier

Inuyasha by Courtneigh Wood

Inuyasha & Kikyo by Valerie Calderon

Sesshomaru Valerie Calderon

Baby Fluffy by Kileli Nobushi

InuYasha Valerie Calderon

Jaken by Patches

Inuyasha and Kagome by Jamie Cooper

InuYasha by bria suli

Inuyasha and Kagome by Sophia

Sesshomaru by Sophia

Tears by Ashley

Sango, Miroku, Mulan and Li Shang by Melissa Ann

'I Got Your Back!' by Melissa Ann

So, Shippo.... by Melissa Ann

Kagome by Amie Fitz

Demon InuYasha by Marcus Brown

InuYasha and Kagome by Amy Pettit

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