Inuyasha Shopping

This guide is meant to give you an idea of the IY products available out there and ways to get them for yourself. ^_^

**Special thanks to Matt Goebel who kindly sent me pictures and addresses of places that sell InuYasha merchandises.

Where can I buy these merchandise?
As we all know, anime products in America are super expensive not to say hard to find. I was lucky to find a few places that offers good official InuYasha merchandises for sale, check them out.

Tins, Cans & Various Stationary - Animated-USA
UFO dollars and pillow stuff, try the online auctions at eBay, make sure you buy from the ones with good feedback to avoid buying disappointments.

DVDS - try this at your local video store, although they have only the ones that's been officially translated.
Episodes beyond the ones officially translated - If you want to promote the anime business in America, I definitely recommend buying the officially translated ones from American companies, but if you just can't wait and want to get the other episodes, you might be able to find some bootlegged ones on eBay. (Source: Matt Goebel) Here's the direct copy and paste of Matt's advice on buying these dvds:"You should make a note of the bootleg dvd boxset that people can find for sale - I ordered mine and the qualitys ok ( - the guy ships from america and has good prices), but they seem to be copied from a vhs tape and have tracking problems sometimes -_-, so for $120 its kinda dissapointing /\/\ but still better than buying the expensive US releases would be. "
Play Station Game - this is not out in America yet, but when it does, I think all the big video game stores will carry it.
UFO dolls - haven't found a place that sell them yet, try direct ordering from Japan, maybe.

I'm searching for more good stores at the moment, email me if you have merchandise picture or stores to add to the list. ^_^