InuYasha Movie Summary for "Inuyasha: Love that Transcends Time"
Version I contributed by Alex Meyering:

When it starts Sessho-Maru-Sama is walking all alone at night. He sees two women in Chinese clothing and they ask him to give them his "Fang". He just kills them (go Fluffy!). Then you see some jewels glow on the bodies and they come back to life. Then it goes to Kagome making food in her kitchen and then she rushes down the well. She meet Inu and the gang fighting a big scorpion Youkai. They kill it, and Kagome tells them she made food. They start to have their cute little picnic and Inu-Yasha pigs out and says nothing to Kagome when she asks if he liked it. She gets upset and runs away to cool off. She heads back towards the tree where she first saw Inu-Yasha. Wandering around that area is Kikyo. Kagome hides then finds Kikyo is gone. She goes to the tree and sticks her finger in a knot holes. She pricks her finger and it bleeds. The Inu-Yasha shows up, apologizes, and bandages her finger. Then it cuts back to Miroku and Sango. Suddenly, the same jewel shape glows on Kiraras head and she rushes off to the forest and Miroku and Sango rush after her. They find Kirara in the laps of the same Chinese girls. They start talking and the girl reaveal that their Youkai, and vines bind Sango and Miroku. The one girl somehow steal Miroku's Kazaana. Then a seris of events goes on in which Inu-Yasha get beaten by a mysteriuos foe called Meno-Maru and Kagome and Kirara get captured.

Then a very confusing scene takes place; the histroy of Meno-Maru and Inu-Yasha's fathers. This is all i got out of it: There war a Youkai war in China (where Hyoga, meno's father was from) which Inu-Yasha's father fought in a beat Hyoga, sealing his power away in something-or-other. The only thing that can release the power for Meno-Maru to "inheirit" is the Tetsusaiga. So Inu-Yasha, Miroku and Sango run over to save Kagome. Then theres and itty-bitty fight scene and Inu-Yasha sticks his sword in this orb thingamajigger and it realeases the power. The Meno-Maru powers up and blasts inu and friends away. Then you learn that the Inu-Yasha tree is called the time tree and it's growing or something like that. Then all the leaves fall off, and Kagome and kikyo are back at the base of the tree. Kikyo starts yelling at Kagome and pushes her in the well and the tree grows over so she can't come back. Then Kikyo shoots inu-Yasha back on the tree. Kagome gets really sad and it starts snowing. Then the grandpa goes nuts and says its a bad omen or some shlock and starts japanese prayer spells. Kagome goes to the tree and somehow connects with Inu-Yasha and its all very touching. She pulls out an arrow head, with a headless arrow and Inu-Yasha is free. She shoots the arrow down the well and blows away the branches. Then they go back and face up to Meno-Maru. Then there's the final fight scene and everyone who's not from China goes home happy!