InuYasha Movie Summary for "Inuyasha: Love that Transcends Time"

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Version II contributed by Inu Fujin sama:

In the shadows the evil Menomaru is born, with him he bring millions of demon moths.


Menomaru’s henchmen attack sesshomaru seeking the Tetsusaiga to break a spell. But sesshomaru easily knocks them away. Menomaru soon brings them back to life.


Meanwhile the god tree has bloomed flowers after all these years and Kagome is in her own time cooking up a beautiful dinner for Inu-yasha and the gang.


When she gets there Inu-yasha and the gang are fighting a giant scorpion demon, which has a shikon shard in its tail.


They all battle it until Inu-yasha cuts off its tail and miroku sucks the rest of the scorpion into his kazaana.


Kagome purifies the shikon shard.


Little do they know the evil Menomaru is watching them.


Later the gang sits down to dinner to eat the strange food from Kagome’s time. They all stuff their faces and praise Kagome, all except Inu-yasha, who eats his share and then takes out instants noodles. The less than amused Kagome who gives Inu-yasha about twelve sit commands until his is pounded into the ground. Kagome ride off on her.


Suddenly Kirara starts acting strange and runs off. Sango and miroku chase after her.


Meanwhile kagome falls off her bike and hurts her leg.


Sango and Miroku run into a couple of strangers from China (who are really menomaru’s henchmen.)  That claim to has given kirara a cure. Miroku asks them to bear his child and sango hits him with her boomerang. Miroku asks how they know their language so well and they say that they can 200 years ago.


They capture miroku and sango in vines. One creates scorpions to kill Sango. Miroku realizes that the first scorpion was created by them.  Miroku uses his kazaana to suck the scorpions off Sango but one of the henchmen fuses her hand with him and gets her own kazaana. She tries to suck them up but miroku holds onto his staff which is stuck tightly into the ground


Suddenly an arrow flies past. The two henchmen leave with kirara. Who now has a strange mind-controlling gem in her forehead.


Kaede steps out from behind a tree. She tells Miroku and Sango to that the plants and trees are telling her danger is coming. Sango and Miroku leave before kaede could finish.


Kikyou is walking through the forest to the god tree with her shikigami demons very near to Kagome. When Kagome spots her she drops her bike and hides behind a bush. Kikyou spots her. When Kagome peers out Kikyou is already gone.


Meanwhile Inu-yasha is searching for Kagome. When he spots Kikyou’s shikigami.


Kagome approaches the god tree and notices a small hole. She sees something shine within it so she puts her finger in it. She is poked by something sharp and pulls her bleeding finger out. Inu-yasha shows up and tears a napkin and wraps it around her finger.


Suddenly Menoumaru’s moths appear sprinkling some kind of sleeping powder. Kagome holds her breath while Inu-yasha tries to destroy them.


Inu-yasha grasps the Tetsusaiga ready to finish them off with one blow, when Menoumaru appears. Inu-yasha and Menoumaru start to fight but Kagome can’t hold her breath ant longer and faints.


Menoumaru knocks the Tetsuaiga from Inu-yasha’s hands. Soon Menomaru stabs Inu-yasha and knocks him out. Menoumaru tries to take the Tetsuaiga but finds out that he can’t. He leaves but He takes Kagome with him as bait.


When Inu-yasha wakes up shippou has cared for his wound and is sitting next to him. He quickly realizes Kagome is gone.


Myoga says that “Menomaru is a demon from China and Hyouga’s only son. He slso said that 200 years ago a Chinese troops tried to invade Japan and That his dad had defeated him.


Myoga was getting ready to leave well he was talking but Inu-yasha stops him. He tries myoga to a string attached to his necklace and they take off leaving Shippou behind.


Meanwhile Menomaru is telling his henchmen his plan to lure Inu-yasha to him to break the spell. He orders one to put a mind-controlling gem in Kagome’s forehead. The first attempt fails so Menomaru adds a shikon shard to the gem and it works. Kagome wakes up oblivious to what has happened.


She aims an arrow at Menomaru but is knocked down by his moths.


Suddenly the haricots flies out killing some of the moths. Miroku and Sango step out and begin to battle with menomaru’s henchmen.


Kagome shoots an arrow and just misses Menomaru. She tries again but he stops her.


Suddenly Inu-yasha appears out of nowhere to protect Kagome. Menomaru’s henchmen jump onto Kirara and leave.


Inu-yasha hits Menomaru, he faints but is revived in seconds. He claims to be immortal. Myoga says that he is getting his powers from Hyoga and that Hyoga’s powers are stored in the capusule in the tree.


Menomaru gets ready to attack and Inu-yasha decides to use the Tetsusaiga’s “Kaze no Kizu.” But Inu-yasha finds out that it was a trick to get him to break the spell on the capsule that held Hyoga’s powers. The tree starts to sink into the ground but they all escape.


A capsule rises on some branches with Menomaru on top.  Soon he enters in to gain his fathers powers.


Inu-yasha tries to break open the capsule over and over but just can’t do it.


Menomaru blows them all away with a huge blast. His tree and him grow even bigger and he sends his moths to steal everyone’s souls. They get many but not Kaede, Miroku, Sango, Myouga, Shesshomaru, Kagome, ect. He also steals many of Kikyou’s stolen souls. This makes him even stronger.


After Kaede saves the village from the moths Kagome walks out holding Shippou and then faints.


Sesshomaru kills the moths that near him and Rin.


Miroku and Sango take shelter in a cave with magic seal protecting them form the moths. With them is Miroku’s racoon friend.  They decide that they must go save Kirara and make the raccoon take them to the tree in his strange transformed form.


Meanwhile Inu-yasha is staggering about with Myoga still tried to his necklace. He falls to the ground.  Myoga tries to convince him to wait but Inu-yasha refuses and throws Myoga from his necklace and staggers off toward Menomaru.


Menomaru activates the mind-controlling gem on Kagome who is still at Kaede’s. Kagome asks for water but when Kaede gets it Kagome it under menomaru’s control and attacks her with some strange glowing claws.


Inu-yasha begins to cross a bridge. He stops when he sees Kagome on the other side. They meet in the middle. Inu-yasha greets her happily not knowing she was being controlled. She hugs him then stabs him with her claws. She attacks him over and over. Inu-yasha realizes she is being controlled he runs away until he reached the God tree.


Kagome sends him crashing into the tree with a big blast.  Then she shoots her claws at him and stabs him a few more times. Ironically in Kikyou clothing.  She forms a bow and arrow for the final blow.


Just then Sango throws her hiraikotsu at Menomaru stopping him from controlling kagome for a minute.  Kagome tells Inu-yasha to run but he says, “I’m not running. I’m never going to run away leaving you alone!”


Meanwhile Miroku and Sango are fighting menomaru’s henchmen. Miroku has to fight against another kazaana and Sango has to fight against Kirara.


Menomaru begins to control Kagome again.  She picks the bow and arrow back up and aims it at Inu-yasha again. Kagome tries to stop herself but she can’t. She shoots the arrow and hits Inu-yasha. The arrow disappears and Inu-yasha falls to the ground. Kagome screams “Inu-yasha!” and the gem falls from her forehead and breaks leaving the shikon shard and all the moths die. She runs to Inu-yasha’s side and hugs him.  Kikyou shows up and picks up the shard. She tells Kagome to take it and return to her own time. Kagome says she can’t leave Inu-yasha while he is hurt. Kikyou tells her it’s her fault and that soon all the times will become cold because Menomaru uses heat as an energy source.


Meanwhile in Kagome’s time it is getting colder and the new blossoms on the God tree are dieing


 Kikyou tells her that soon branches will cover the well and stop her from ever using it again. Kikyou pushes Kagome down the well. When Kagome comes out she is in her own time and it is snowing hard.  Her grandfather is trying a prayer to make the snow stop falling.  Kagome envisions Inu-yasha sitting by the tree. And says she can never see Inu-yasha again.


Meanwhile Miroku and sango are still fighting.  As Miroku is desperately trying to beat the one’s kazaana Sango is being forced to fight Kirara.


At the same time Kikiyou is telling Sesshomaru how she hates everything. And Kaede is riding Shippou who has transformed into a pony.  When they reach the God tree a small tree has grown out of the well.


The henchmen fighting Miroku decides to end the fight with kazaana against kazaana.  .


 And Sango is still fighting the other henchmen


In Kagome’s time her grandfather and brother are still praying. They talk about how important the God tree has been to them.  She talks about Inu-yasha then her shikon shards started to glow.


Back in the sengoku jidai Miroku’s kazaana has about reached its limit. The henchmen decides to make her kazana bigger by cutting it with her spear and it works until it gets too be and sucks her into nothingness


Sango continues to fight the other henchmen and Kirara. She fights for a while but just can’t do it any more. Fighting Kirara was to hard on her. She lets Kirara hit her.  She gets knocked back. Kirara begins so cry. She starts hitting her head on a rock to break the gem. After a few attempts it works and Kirara is freed. After fighting a bit more the henchmen it cut in half and killed.


Menomaru is near full power as Sango and miroku meet back up.


Shippou tries to get rid of the tree in the well but can’t.


Back in Kagome’s time she approaches the tree clutching the shikon shards. Some how her and Inu-yasha could talk through the tree.  Kagome explained to Inu-yasha how she was back in her time but didn’t want to tell him that Kikyou pushed her into the well. Suddenly they could see each other.  Inu-yasha asks her what’s on her mind. She replies saying that she is not helping at all and it was her fault that he was hurt.  He tells her to stop saying stupid things. She tells him not to move or his wound would open again. H e hugs her tight. And says, “ I need you….. Don’t you understand?” after they stop hugging he says, “lets go kagome.” she nods and runs to the well. When she gets there it is covered in roots.  She runs back to the tree and tells Inu-yasha. He tells her to use a miko’s arrow to burn the branches. She starts to say that there are none in her time but stops and looks at the napkin still on her finger and gets an idea. She grabs a stick and shoves it in the hole in the tree from earlier. When she pulled out the stick an arrowhead was on it. She runs toward the well. Her mom hands her her school uniform.


Meanwhile Inu-yasha is back on his feet heading toward the well apparently oblivious to the conversion through the tree. He prepares to hit the tree with the Tetsusaiga well kagome is ready to shoot the arrow. Kagome shoots the arrow first and jumps into the well following the arrow. And the well blows up in Inu-yasha’s face. Kagome comes out and is happily greeted by Shippou and Kaede well Inu-yasha knocks all the wood from the well off himself. Inu-yasha and Kagome start arguing. Myoga stops them and they go to fight Menomaru.


When they get there Menomaru’s capsule is breaking. He emerges a giant. Inu-yasha tries to attack him but is knocked back. Menomaru forms two huge moth like wings and thousands demons came out from within them. They all start to fight them off. Kagome is reunited with Miroku and Sango while Inu-yasha fights.  Miroku uses his kazaana to suck up the in coming demons so they didn’t hurt Kagome or Sango. Kagome runs toward Inu-yasha as Sango got on Kirara. Sango tells Kagome to be careful and Kagome says that she’ll be ok because she’d be wit Inu-yasha. Inu-yasha tries to hit Menomaru again but is only knocked back again. Kagome runs to his side. Inu-yasha tells Kagome to shoot her arrow at Menomaru as he runs toward him. She shoots it and that makes it so Inu-yasha can see the scar of the wind. He uses his Kaze no Kizu but all it manages to do is make a hole in his wing, which he regenerates. He tries to hit Inu-yasha with a deadly blast, which misses. Despite this Inu-yasha is still confident. He says he will give him a Bakuryuha, which would give him 10 times the damage.  Miroku, Sango and Shippou finish off the rest of the demons. Kagome tells Inu-yasha that his energy is probably stored in his forehead. Inu-yasha asks if she can do it and she says she’ll try. She shoots her arrow and Inu-yasha tries again. Menomaru stops Inu-yasha but Kagome’s arrow blows one of his wings off. Menomaru blows kagome of the tree but Sango and Kirara catch her. Kirara flies over Inu-yasha and Kagome jumped from mid air toward Inu-yasha. He catches her in his arms. Inu-yasha tells her “ Don’t ever do something like that again!” and she said that she did it because she knew he’d catch her. And Inu-yasha says, “catch you? Your not luggage!” After watching this Miroku stretches out his arms and tells sango he’ll catch her. Then “Don’t worry I’ll be okay.” then she threw something at him.  Inu-yasha tells Kagome to shoot an arrow at his forehead again. She says her arrow would never reach him. Inu-yasha asks her why she can’t be more confident like usual and to believe in him and to just do it.  Menomaru get ready to finish them off as Kagome aims her arrow.  Inu-yasha tells Kagome to hurry up. She says I though you were going to believe in me. Menomau starts to fire his blast and Kagome shoots her arrow and Inu-yasha uses his Bakuryuha with it. They combine forces and hit Menomaru. Menomaru is destroyed.


They all jump onto the raccoon guy and took off before the whole tree blew up.  Inu-yasha asks Kagome if she is ok. She says she is and asks him about the wound last time. He arrogantly says “Ha! This is nothing!”  After awhile Myoga shows back up and gets squished to the screen.


After the credits Inu-yasha and Kagome are sitting by the God tree in her time talking as petals fall from the tree. She says, “ Wow, this is so beautiful snow! Just like snow. It was so weird that time. I heard your voice from the God tree. I thought you were close by. “ Inu-yasha replies “ So I told you. You were looking like you were going to beat be up again so I was scared.” Inu-yasha is playing with her cat. Kagome looks at her finger and says “How about I make you lunch?” Inu-yasha says “ So how about you give me that yellow stuff again!”  Kagome asks, “You mean the fried eggs?” Then Inu-yasha says, “ No I didn’t say the fried eggs.”


Kagome answers, “ No, you’re talking about something else……” Inu-yasha says, “That was the only thing that was Tasty!” Kagome in flames “Inu-yasha! Sit!”


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