Inuyasha Movie 2 - The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Version II contributed by Renea Dell

     Naraku is being chased down by Inuyasha's companions while Inuyasha awaits the sun. It is the Night of the New Moon and the sun has almost risen. Once the sun has risen Inuyasha and his companions manage to destroy Naraku. This happens within the first 15 minutes of the movie. Thanks to his death, the Wind Tunnel in Miroku's hand vanishes, Sango manages to find her brother Kohaku, and Kagome returns home to attend school. There is a very funny moment between Inuyasha and Kagome stuck in a Picture Booth and Kagome's little brother puts money into the machine!


    Unfortunately, Naraku's death also causes boredom for Kanna and Kagura who manage to wake up a sleeping Tennyo (Kaguya) by gathering items of power; this includes a piece of Inuyasha's firerat robe. As with Ayashi No Ceres a feathered robe is involved in this mess, but the robe belongs to Hojo's ancestor! Kaguya manages to capture Kagome and the robe after telling Inuyasha she can make him a full demon in order to serve her! Inuyasha and the other manage to get to Kaguya's palace to rescue Kagome but Inuyasha comes under Kaguya's spell and starts to change into a full demon, leaving his human side inside of a mirror.


    In order to change him back into a hanyo, Kagome kisses Inuyasha. He changes back and starts to fight off the demon. However, Kohaku suddenly starts screaming and out of the scar in his back pops....NARAKU! He's alive and well, using a fake death to trick Kaguya out of hiding. Naraku plans to devour Kaguya to steal her demon powers. Needless to say, the Wind Tunnel is back in Miroku's hand and Kohaku has once again become Naraku's minion.