Inuyasha Movie 3 - Tenka Hadou no Ken (The Sword of World Conquest).

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The story reflects on the past, when Inu-Yasha's father found Inu-Yasha's mother - I think her name is Yuki (which mean's snow), but don't go around saying that as I've probably misheard. Yuki (I'm going to call her that because it's shorter) was about to die when Inu-Yasha's father used Tenseiga to save her. Later on you see him battling a fierce war lord, almost dead, and Yuki standing behind him, wearing the firerat cloak that later becomes Inu-Yasha's. Yuki is holding a baby in her arms and asks "What shall we call him", to which Inu-Yasha's father replies "Inu Yasha" and then tells Yuki to run away. Inu-Yasha's father tells Sesshoumaru to protect his brother(1).

In the 30th Century, Kagome's grandpa has found an intresting sword in his store room, and the spirit(2) of it comes out and starts talking to Souta. It freaks the family out. I have no clue what happens, but I think the sword is evil or 'something'.

As above, I am really stumped at what happens next. Inu-Yasha goes full demon and starts killing people with this sword (3). Sesshoumaru turns up as usual, insulting Inu-Yasha and tries to get the sword. There's also an evil dark army invovled in the story - whom I think are also after the sword (4).

Most of the movie is surrounded by the Inu-Yasha / Sesshomaru fighting however, and there are two clips of major intrest:
1. Sesshoumaru actually grabs and then weild Tessaiga - wether he uses it to harm Inu-Yasha is unknown.
2. Inu-Yasha goes mental with the sword and holds it up in the air, while Sesshoumaru is about to kill him - however the power of the sword is overwhelming Inu-Yasha and he wont move. Kagome keeps yelling "SIT!" but it doesn't work, so she lunges at Inu-Yasha and tries to make him drop the sword. Sesshoumaru hits the group and there's a BIG explosion. This is when the preview ended(5).

Nothing I have said there is official - it could be wrong - but if you want visual truth use the images below and decide what you think. The movie song is also called "Four Seasons" by Namie Amuro, who also sings the 7th ending, "Come"

(1)Inu-Yasha's father couldn't have been killed at this fight however, as in the series, it says that he dies during his battle with Ryukossei.
(2)The guy coming out of the sword looks very much like Toutousai.
(3)I am not sure what this sword is. It could be Tessagia or a completely different sword. InuYasha's father is also seen at the start of the clips I saw using the sword to preform "Kaze no Kizu".
(4)This could be related to the same war lord Inu-Yasha's father was fighting with.
(5)Two characters are going to die in this movie (as said on the movie 2 DVD apparently). It was thought to be Jaken and Rin (who could of been brought back to life by Sesshoumaru's Tensiaga), but maybe it's Inu-Yasha and Kagome, who later Sesshoumaru realizes what his father says, and heals them.