We want more InuYasha!

New Petition for Inuyasha Final Act

Yay! Inuyasha Final Act is now here!

Updated on Feb 23, 2010: as most fans know, in late 2009, a sequel inuyasha series named "Inuyasha Final Act" was released in Japan. We would love to see this series brought over to North America. There's already a huge number of Inuyasha fans here and the sequel is bound to be a success with American and Canadian fans as well!

To protect fan privacy, we have changed the format of the Petition. If you would like to see Inuyasha Final Act translated and licensed in North America, please email shippo@inuyashaworld.com with the subject "We want to see Inuyasha Final Act!!"

We will tally people's votes and post them back here.

You can help support this petiton by linking to this page from your webpage, Facebook profile or Twitter. Thanks!!

As of January, 2009, we collected over 20155 petitions for more Inuyasha to be aired on North American networks. I want to thank fans for the support. This website is no longer collecting new petitions but we will still host the website petition ring. If you wish to join this effort, please display one of the SOS badges shown on this site.

The entire Inuyasha series finished airing in Japan last year. Ending on episode number 167, this anime series has become one of the most popular and beloved anime legends of all time. In the States, Adult Swim has currently made available several seasons of Inuyasha, we're up to episode 129 (latest August, 2005 reports).

All the fans here would love to see the complete series aired as soon as possible instead of viewing reruns. This petition is in support of bringing ALL episodes of Inuyasha to North America. If you are an IY fan, then help us out by signing this petition.

The petition databases currently only shows petitions signed since April of 2005. We have another HUGE collection of all the petitions all the fans helped to build up for the past 2 years. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! INUYASHA IS STILL HERE TODAY BECAUSE OF ALL YOU GUYS!

Below are some ways to reach Cartoon Network (the TV channel showing IY in US) and tell them how much we love InuYasha and would like to see new episodes (episodes beyond 36) to be shown on TV!

Show them we want more InuYasha!

Please put these banners on your personal webpages or fan sites, let the big companies know there are lots of IY fans in North America!

Please link banner to http://www.inuyashaworld.com/sos.cfm