Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sad!!!Poor Inuyasha! But it gets happy.IU/K mostly

New bad guys show up, 7 of them called the "Shichinintai". But in this episode is after in 106 when one of them, named Renkotsu poses as a monk........... It's a long story, anyways, after Renkotsu sets the place whereKagome and the others are recovering from poison, on fire, Shippo and Kirara protect them untill Inuyasha arrives to find a hysteric little Shippo crying, "They stopped breathing!"

moment #1- Inuyasha kneels beside a lifeless Kagome and holds her saying stuff like, "This can't be happening! Wake up!Say something!...." Then after Myouga says they should get out before they burn, A very pained Inuyasha slowly stands up and does a "Kaze no Kizu" type thing that blows out the fire.

moment #2- Thinking they are all dead, Inuyasha goes off and really gets mad and a few times lookes like he's going to burst out crying, but he slashes a bunch of trees, yells for the Shichinintai and then (this part makes me cringe)He sits on a rock by a river punching a rock,REALLY hard. Then Sesshomaru shows up.........

Moment #3: After returning from steaming, He holds Kagome REALLY tightly saying stuff in his mind like, "Sorry, Please forgive me!" Till she says, "Inuyasha... I can't breath." (LOL). Myouga sucked out most oif the poisen so they are all alive. Then Kagome looks at Inuyasha and says, "I'm sorry if we worried you" Then he says, "Stupid! Why are you apolo..." He then sets her down and quickly turns around. Shippo runs up to him to see he's crying. Aftert getting mad at Shippo and Myouga, He turns around with tears in his eyes says, "I'm not crying! Everyone's okay!" But you can bearly see his tears, :(

Moment 4: Kouga finds Inuyasha and the group after hearing that Kagome was dead,He grabbs her and exclaims she's alright, Then he finds he unknowingly was standing on Inuyasha.Then Kouga grabbs her hands and tell her what he heard. Inuyasha comes between them saying, "Stop grabbing her hands all the time! I'm going to kill you for real!" Untill Kouga interupts him.. "That weirdo wasn't kidding was he? Kagome's hands are colder than usual today! Her lips are normaly rosy but now she's fishbelly pale!She really WAS close to death, wasn't she?!" Then Inuyasha gets an offended look. He continues," If I was with her, I'd never let that happen!" Inuyasha gets mad then after Shippou and Myouga egg Him on to not take it, Inuyasha says, "Never again!... I'll never put her in such danger again! So keep your nose out of our business!" Submitted by Sailor X

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